Municipality Orders Closure Of Bars During Working Hours

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Aweil town council municipality said the order shall be strongly monitored for observance and accountability for the offenders or disobedient found to be interfering with the practices.

According to the deputy town council mayor, Simon Tong Deng, the decreed item has been under monitory and supervisory studies for long time whereby the research made disclosed that the practices of early opening of bars and intoxicating drinks with strong alcoholic liquor has been a cause of rampant death of the practitioners or contenders which are medically prohibited practices of alcohol.

He further says that the bars can only open for business between 5pm and 10pm.

Tong said that anyone found disobeying the order would be fined for 1,000 SSP and added that any negligence from offenders would have their licenses withdrawn.

“This is very strong decree which we expect everybody to be respecting it, especially the operators of the bars. We have realised that bars’ opening during working hours has negative impact on our working environment for the alcoholic consumers, it has also been realised that their opening during working hours has been noted as the cause of daily fights and accidents which cannot be controlled by the traffic police,” Tong said.

He said that the consuming of the strong and powerful alcoholic drinks which quickly burn our lungs and other internal human organs resulting to untimely death not knowing the root source.

“These alcoholic drinks are knock-out and other unmentioned strong liquor shall not be sold by the bar operators. Should they interfere with the order, the seller shall be punished strongly for the rehearsal,” he adds.

Lots of efforts on banning and restriction have been made earlier this year by town council municipality trying to put the normal customs of the businesses and other business norms in place.

Among the decrees released this year by the town council are banning of smoking shisha, reducing bus fares within and across the counties among others.

As to this recent banning order, public are uncertain of whether the order shall be fully respected and executed as per say, here one of the residents and student in the state of NBG says it is somewhat vague and ambiguous for this decree to be easily adopted.

“Based on my own observation, I think this is very important decree that can reduce crimes and rampant pregnancy of under-aged girls whose works turned to be in bars and are being used by foreigners leaving our girls influenced and addicted to it,” said John Garang Khon, a student in the state.

Khon said that most of the bar operators have links with big government officials who give them powers to work on exceptional cases not closing during the mentioned time hoping that their ring supporters in the government can maintain their continuity of selling beers despite being banned.

On restrictions of selling beers or operating bars during working hour has been an annual attempt decree especially when it comes to autumn here in NBGS like as it happened last year where the same decree was issued with similar contents but later die out gradually after few months.

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