Finance Minister Withdraws 2013/14 Budget From Assembly

Members of parliament during a previous session. [Gurtong | File]

Finance Minister Aggrey Tisa Sabuni said restructuring the cabinet has compelled the withdrawal of the budget and parliament is expecting the re-presentation of the budget within two weeks.

A total of 17.3 billion South Sudan Pounds with focus mainly on agriculture, physical infrastructure, education and health among key sectors was then presented as the annual budget.

The Information Committee member Hon. Yoane Bonju told Gurtong that parliament will pass the budget first before it goes for recess in September as scheduled.

Last month South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir restructured his entire cabinet reducing it from 29 ministries to 21 with others being merged after the budget had already been presented to the House.

Late last month, despite the Committee of Economy and Finance in the parliament finishing its work after the first presentation of the budget, the House called off its presentation for its second reading following the political changes.

Tisa said the budget will have to be restructured according to the current cabinet; twenty one ministries and the other government agencies.

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