Democratic Governance Training Held In Aweil

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

The workshop organized by the International Republican Institute (IRI) brought together the ruling party’s active members especially the women and men.

Speaking to Gurtong in an exclusive interview during the official opening of the workshop, the representative of IRI Resident Program Officer, James Turitto says the workshop comes as a result of the people’s opinion poll that was conducted across 10 states of South Sudan and they train on democratic governance, and proper accountability.

The training also includes participation in the public affairs and strengthening services delivery methodology which they found as most challenging concern from the citizens.

“We are here as IRI today to conduct two workshops, one for the SPLM, the ruling party and one for the other political parties which also involves the entire public as well as social societies here in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state. The workshop comes as a result of more recent survey about peoples’ opinion poll that our organization had conducted in Juba earlier this year in April and May,” Turitto told Gurtong.

He however says that the IRI is travelling in 10 states of South Sudan to brief the public on the recent public opinion survey that was conducted to let the public know the findings of the research.

According to IRI results on the public opinion poll, 64% of South Sudanese found out their lives improved after the two years of independence while 52% say that the country is heading in the wrong direction in term of high insecurity and low development.

Turitto further added that there is room for improvement from the government should the people of South Sudan wait patiently and see how things go by.

“The citizens’ poll has high bravo rate approval for the president that falls by 71% saying that leadership is fine in term of service delivery meanwhile the 67% of the ruling political party SPLM says the leadership is doing well. So there is high expectation from the citizens,” Turitto added.

The workshop is an opportunity for both government officials and the other political parties to get to hear what the citizens say at this juncture.

The SPLM assistant secretary for Political Affairs, Kerubino Unguech Anguei says the workshop is very crucial especially for them as a ruling party to implement the survey that was conducted by IRI and to sit and see weaknesses that may need improvement.

He however admitted the weaknesses his party is going through in the past but insisted that those weaknesses shall be solved over time, he also promised that the party is struggling harder to improve services delivery within the nearest future.

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