University Head Promises Education Reforms

Upper Nile University has concluded the first semester. [Gurtong | File]

Vice Chancellor Prof. Bol Deng Chol while addressing students and public, celebrating the first semester‘s closing ceremony told the crowd that the country needs a lot of changes including development adding that “the future is logged on the current generation and university students.”

“It is you the students in the universities that can raise South Sudan back to success. Our generation is almost failing the challenge is upon you to defeat it or else the future is doom for all generations,” Prof Bol said.

He urged the students to fight out poverty in South Sudan by avoiding laziness and do any kind of work besides them.

“We cannot always produce poor generations one after another. We need to stop producing poor generation time and again. We must change and the real change shall come from the students who are well trained and love their nation,” he said.

“We will work hard in UNU to train you so that you specialize to be experts that can change our societies into a strong and independent people that can raise their lives and strengthen the nation standard in the world,” Bol said.

The Vice Chancellor urged the students to study hard and make sure that they should not depend so much on the government employment after their graduation.

He added that it is time South Sudan should work to promote the private sectors in order to boost its economy and provide quick development in the country.

“Our people are depending on food brought from other countries yet we claim that we have agricultural land; we claim that we have natural resources like forestry. We claim to have everything but nobody is benefitting from them. We should activate all of these so that we can enjoy our resources not only oil,” Bol noted.

The Vice Chancellor said he believes in action and planning urging his students to be hardworking people and have their organized plans in the minds to develop South Sudan.

Prof Bol Deng promised that his university shall never stop to work because of lack of government budget.

“UNU is an exemplary institution in South Sudan. We managed to operate at the time when others were waiting to see government budget. But now all the universities are opening and they are taking all our steps. We are exemplary. And we must make this centre work to train our young generation,” he concluded.

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