Teachers Warned On Pupils’ Poor Performance

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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Pia Philip Michael lifted the ban on mock after the poor performance by the pupils during the mock examination.

He announced last week prohibiting those who failed not to sit for the primary leaving examinations.

The Minister blamed the head teachers for poor leadership in their schools and being ignorant about their pedagogy.

He warned the head teacher whose school will not perform well at least by 60 percent in the second test shall be removed from his position.

Pia urged them to be keen and strict about the regulations in their schools and discipline the pupils and teachers to do the right thing.

He finally declared second mock test to be carried out in November 2013 for both Primary and Secondary Schools Candidates works and be creative in their schools.

Director General, Gibson Waru expressed disappointment for the poor results of mock exams adding that it reflects the other final exams.

He announced that out of 705 pupils who sat in Yambio county 172 passed representing 24.3 percent and 533 failed representing 75.6 percent.

Mr. Waru announced that the best results came from Garacia with 38 out of 38 pass followed by St. Mary with 42 pass out of 49.

The head teachers blamed the pupils for taking too much leisure without reading their books at home.

They admitted that both teachers and pupils are not doing enough and some schools have difficulties in mathematics and English subjects among others.

Director for examinations, Charles Ikpiro, stated that the mock exams are set from class four to class eight syllabuses to test the capacities of the candidates.

Last week, the state Education Minister instructed the director for examinations not to register pupils who failed the primary eight mock exams to sit for the Primary Leaving Exams.

The meeting brought together primary and secondary schools head teachers, directors for basic and secondary schools, Yambio county education director, director for exams and the director general from the state ministry of general education. 

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