Government to Appeal Labour Board’s Ruling of Bad-Faith Bargaining

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The federal government has disclosed to have filed a legal notice to appeal against a ruling of Public Service Labour Relations Board, which says that the government acted in bad faith while setting “unreasonable conditions” before it agreed to bind arbitration with striking Foreign Service officers. In an email addressed by the press secretary to Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, Alexis Pavlich, it was written that “we are disappointed with the Public Service Labour Relations Board’s (PSLRB) decision.”

Mr. Pavlinch further mentioned in the email sent on Saturday that “we are currently reviewing the decision and will determine our next steps accordingly. We have filed a notice of appeal, to preserve all available options.” It was explained that “as we have repeatedly stated, the Government is committed to finding a fair and reasonable settlement for both employees and Canadian taxpayers. That commitment remains unchanged.”

The 25-page decision announced by PSLRB member, Margaret Shannon, on Friday, mentioned that arbitration conditions demanded by Treasury Board President, Tony Clement, effectively required the Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers (PAFSO) to “abandon the position it’s held throughout the negotiations.” She alleged that it rendered the process moot, while declining that PAFSO’s requested to order the government to participate in binding arbitration. She elucidated that “I do not believe that it is conducive to good labour relations to order parties to participate in final and binding determination when such arbitration is voluntary in the first place.”

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