AU Commissioner Calls On South Sudan To Mount More Resources In Fighting HIV/AIDS

Members of the organized forces in a parade yesterday during the marking of the AIDS Day in Juba. [Waakhe Simon Wudu]

Marking the HIV/AIDS Day together with South Sudanese in Juba, Mustapha also called for an increase of political will from the government in fighting the pandemic, saying “our accomplishments will not be renewed without the government’s commitment.”

“We must reinforce our solidarity for all,” he said. “HIV/AIDS fight requires a joint effort. Everyone has a role to play in reducing the HIV/AIDS prevalence.”

He stressed that fighting the HIV/AIDS prevalence strives towards ensuring the protection health right, which “is a fundamental right to everyone.”

South Sudan on Monday joined the world in commemorating the Worlds Aids Day amid several concerns raised in the fledgling nation in an effort to minimize the scourge.

The government has allocated no funds to fight the disease, officials said.

Dr. Esterina Novello, the Chairperson of the South Sudan Anti Aids Commission (SSAAC) said that, since the establishment of the SSAAC in 2006 to fight the pandemic, 95% of its funding for running activities came from foreign donors.

She said funds for global HIV/AIDS fight campaigns are being cut down and unless government doubles its effort on funding the activities of the SSAAC, the prevalence of the disease may likely increase.

She yesterday noted that there has been much progress on the SSAAC’s intervention on fighting the prevalence of the disease though the challenges are still acute.

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