Torit’s Fire-Fighting Truck Breaks Down

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

Col. Tisiano regrets timely response to fire fighting will be affected in the meantime as the United Nations Mission in South Sudan management has positively responded to address the issue by promising to donate two tyres for fixing.

He added that the matter will soon be addressed as he appealed to the residents to show patience as his directorate is working to ensure it resumes as usual.

The fire truck is intended to help fighting fires by transporting fire-fighters to scenes and providing them with access to the fire, along with water or other essential equipment, explained Assistant National Civil Defence Service 2nd Lt. Nelson Khamis

The office (of Civil Defence Service) has made public announcement in the state owned radio.

Last week, horrifying fires in Eastern Equatoria State aggressively consumed about 60 fields to ashes as households left stranded with fears that hunger will easily strike, the fire fighter office said to Gurtong.

The affected families in the Torit County of Imatari Boma (Hiyala Payam), Muruare Boma (Nyong Payam) and Ilangi Boma (Nyong Payam) witnessed 17, 21 and 21 fields of different households respectively have been destroyed by wild fires.

The affected families are likely to face alarming food shortage situation, the present Assistant National Civil Defence Service, EES, 2nd Lt. Nelson Khamis explained to Gurtong yesterday.

He added that the reports reached his office very late, therefore there was no time to respond accordingly to the wild fire outbreaks, thus causing uncertainty to the affected families.

He said the period they are now is dangerous since it is already a dry spell where unharnessed farms are left vulnerable to fire outbreaks anytime any hour.

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