SPLA Forces Repulse Rebels From Doleb Hill

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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The state minister of Information and broadcasting Philip Juban Ogal said the rebels made the attack on Friday morning. 

“The rebels have been doing several attacks in Doleb, a strategic place connecting Jonglei Canal to Malakal but were heavily resisted by the gallant SPLA forces,” said the minister.

He said the rebels have been trying many attempts to the state capital at Anak-Diar area in the eastern side but have also been repulsed.

An SPLA soldier and many others Gurtong spoke to on phone from Malakal confirmed the attempt at Doleb Hill. 

The SPLA spokesperson Col. Philip Aguer also confirmed to an AFP journalist the fighting that had occurred in Doleb county, south of Malakal and in Mathiang near Bor.

There were also reports of shooting in the town over the weekend in Malakal Town but the minister dismissed it, saying it was not true.

“Those shootings that were heard by the civilians were the ones by the government forces in which they were trying to do checking in the town,” he said.

Jiben said the town is now calm but the SPLA forces are pursuing the rebels in their controlled areas. 

“The SPLA government forces under the command of Lt. Gen. Johnson Gony Biliu, the sector commander for division II are doing maximum control of the town and pursuing the rebels towards the areas they are still controlling,” said Jiben.

The rebels in Upper Nile state still control four counties including Nasir, Baliet and Ulang among others.

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