CES Speaker Reproaches Tribalism

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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Hon. Naphtali Hassan Gale was speaking in Torit at the burial ceremony of the fallen Eastern Equatoria State (EES) parliamentary speaker Hon. Emanuel Ambrose Ocholimoi on Thursday.

He repeatedly called for togetherness and harmony among the people of South Sudan, saying the late Ocholimoi always advised South Sudanese to move away from their little division because the nation is bigger than tribal units.

“My colleague; the late Speaker Ocholimoi, advised us; “Let us move away from our little division because the nation is bigger than our tribal units,” Gale said.

He told mourners that his Juba legislature adjourned its sitting in honour of the late speaker and to enable the CES leaders to join their EES brothers and sisters in mourning the fallen leader.

“On behalf of CES Legislative Assembly and on my own behalf, we are deeply sorrowful on the untimely death of my fellow colleague Emanuel Ambrose Ocholimoi,’’ Gale said.

‘‘I have empathy for the EES government and the bereaved families of the late and the entire people of EES.

‘‘It is grief with grieve that we received this sad news of our humble and diligent leader Ocholimoi who sacrificed his whole life in the struggle of liberation of his country,” Hon. Gale mournfully said.

He said it “is a challenging moment for the people of EES, Equatoria and the entire South Sudan because this country needs a direction of a leader toward achieving prosperity that all of us are struggling for.”

Gale encouraged the mourners to emulate the country’s fallen principled leaders like the late John Garang and Ocholimoi.

Encouraging the South Sudanese communities especially leaders to embrace peace and harmony, peaceful co-existence and unity in diversity, Hon. Gale said time has come for the leaders and the people of disregard ethnicity. 

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