Lakes State Governor Sacks His Deputy

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

Achol has also been serving as minister of education, science and technology in the Lakes State government since his appointment 13 months ago.

The Governor issued the decree sacking his deputy on state government radio FM-98. No reason was given for Hon. Achol’s sacking yet.

Achol is replaced as state deputy governor by the state security advisor Santo Dumic Chol who also served in the regime of the former elected Governor Chol Tong Mayay.

Dumic maintained his position as the security advisor when Dhuol was appointed by president in January 2013.

The position as deputy governor is the highest he has held in the state government under the military caretaker governor. 

There is mixed reaction to the sacking of the former deputy governor. Some state activists and intellectuals said Dhuol has run out of agenda in serving and improving the distorted image of the state.

According to the governor’s critics, the state has a bad image internationally due to his (governor’s) way of handling the affairs of the state.

The security advisor who now becomes his deputy is also accused of being a destruction agent. 

Teachers and students are also not happy about the decree removing the deputy governor. They say the governor himself should have been removed..

“Matur is better to resign instead of firing his friends who mess state with him,” a student said.

“Kiir is the president of this government and we all voted for him in 2010 election. Now, we are facing problems. We call (on) him to relieve us from his man.  We are fed up and the solution to remove Dhuol is under Kiir.” 

On Wednesday, hundreds of teachers in Rumbek staged a peaceful demonstration after the Governor allegedly suspended the payment of their allowances without providing a reason.

Gurtong was unable to get any comment from the governor on the people’s criticism of his style of work. He has however previously branded his critics supporters of Dr. Riek Machar.

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