Senior Politician Applauds New NBGS Governor

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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Charles Akot Ayii Akot who heads African National Congress- South Sudan party [ANC-SS] publicly announced his support to the president’s new appointee and hopes he will bring justice, development and unity among the “Aweilians”.

“This is a very good move for (the) president and the people of NBGS in particular to have such strong peace promoter and the governor of such a peaceful state,” Akot said in a press statement.

President Salva Kiir relieved the state governor Paul Malong Awan as governor of NBGS and appointed him the Army Chief of General staff. The president appointed Kuel Aguer Kuel as the new governor of the state.

Ayii believes Aguer, an icon of peace among Dinka Malual and the neighbouring Sudanese tribes of Rezeigat and Misseryia, will add more in ensuring a fair governance of the state resources for equal development in all the counties.

He appeals to the incoming governor to consider fair appointment of ministerial positions within his government especially inclusion of other political parties. 

“As Kuel is already aware of challenges and expectations of political parties within this country, I would like to urge him to consider mixing other political parties members within his cabinet in order to pave way towards fair governance,” he said.

In his acceptance speech in Juba, the newly appointed governor vowed to promote infrastructure, education, health and improved agriculture sector development. 

“There are already peace-makers and peace loving communities in NBGS.  So it won’t be an issue but I will emphasize that I have to strengthen that existing strong peace virtues within our people,” Kuel said. 

“As per my priorities, I will make sure that there are good education systems; good schools, qualified teachers.  Health sectors with improved services and qualified doctors and an improved agriculture in order to fight poverty in the state and beyond.” 

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