Kiir: “Why Should A South Sudanese Woman Not Lead This Country In The Future?”

This article was last updated on May 26, 2022

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President Salva Kiir Mayardit on Wednesday warned parents against forcing their daughters into early marriage, or viewing them as a potential source of wealth [through bridewealth traditions]. 

“When we talk about education, we must have to offer similar right to our children without isolating our young daughters from equal access to education,” Kiir said. “There is no child who is without value; they are all our children; none of them should be left out from education”. 

The President pointed out that South Sudan will not be able compete in the modern world if parents prevent their young daughters from getting an education, saying: “Equal education access for our children is our future potential”. He further pointed out that in the world, there are many powerful countries led by women, asking: “why should a South Sudanese woman not lead this country in the future?”

Praising the family loyalty of girls, President Kiir expressed the opinion that “If you have educated a girl, she will not forget her family, the educated girl will only work for supporting her family; but if a boy, he will continue working for the destruction of his father’s wealth”.

On the 14th July, while inaugurating Wau County’s new headquarters in Bagari, President Kiir pledged the construction of a new school and hospital in the area. Later, opening a further County headquarters at Nyinakok Jur River, he announced the construction of a girl’s secondary boarding school and hospital there also.

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