South Sudan To Benefit From Common Wealth Enterprise

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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Dr. Marial, who just returned from United Kingdom after attending the Common Wealth Enterprise meeting, lauded the cooperation of the Common Wealth countries.

“This summit was for each country to present its projects that need funding, especially those which were encouraged and invited by the Commonwealth and Investment Council,” he said

“While our application to join the Commonwealth is still on hold, we were nevertheless invited to attend,” said the Foreign Affairs Minister.

“The projects we presented include building of schools, hospital, and others that are for services delivery,” he added.

“We also presented projects on hydro power, roads, railway, oil and gas, mining and agriculture,” said the minister.

“It was greatly appreciated in the infrastructural summit because most of these projects are projects that if you invest into them there is a chance of profitability so most of the financial house appreciated the presentation of the Republic of South Sudan” explained Dr. Marial.

“Our membership application has progressed tremendously well, and many commonwealth countries were expressed satisfaction in seeing South Sudan take part in this great infrastructural summit,” he said.

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