South Sudan And China Ink Deal On Higher Education

This article was last updated on May 27, 2022

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According to the Agreement received by Gurtong from China, the five public Universities of South Sudan and University of International Business and Economics of China today 27th Nov 2014 agreed on the programs in order to foster exchange and cooperation in Education, research and other related fields.

“Both parties agree to enter this agreement as mutual partners for the purposes of exchange of academic and administrative staff, exchange of undergraduate and postgraduate students, conducting cooperative research and exchanging academic information materials and publications,” partly reads the document seen.

“This agreement will become effective upon signing by both parties and may be terminated at any time by mutual consent,” the agreement partly reads.

“Termination of this agreement should be made in writing, giving six months notice,” it says. 

The document further states that “This agreement will remain in force for five years from the date of signing. During the last year of agreement, the decision to renew or negotiate the terms will be made on the basis of mutual consultation between the two parties”.

“University of International Business and Economics should assist all five public Universities of the Republic of South Sudan in the application of academic scholarship, subject to renewal upon discussion and mutual understanding between the two parties,” the Chinese Government said in the statement.

The document was signed by all five Vice Chancellors of South Sudanese universities and colleges and sign by Dr.Shi Jianjun President of University of University of International and Economic (U.I.E)

The delegation to China was lead by the Deputy Minister of Education Science and Technology Hon. Bol Makueng, accompanied by Vice Chancellor of Upper Nile University Prof. Chuir Riak, Vice Chancellor of Rumbek University Prof. Agrrey Ayuen Majok, and Vice Chancellor of University of Bahr el Ghazal Prof.  Samson. S. Wasara and Deputy Vice Chancellors of the University of Juba for Administration and Finance, Prof Alfred Lokuji Sebit and Dr. John Garang Memorial University for Academic Affairs Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof Biel Melha Ruot.

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