Israeli car bomb suspect arrested

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Indian Police has made an advancement relating the bomb attack on Israeli embassy car in New Delhi. According to various reports, the Indian police have arrested a suspected man from New Delhi, who claims to be a journalist, but the police suspect him to be in contact with main suspect and a part of the conspiracy.

The man arrested is Syed Mohammad Kazmi, aging 50. He was arrested Wednesday morning when the department had enough evidence that the alleged conspirator was in touch with the terrorist who attached the remote control device to the car of the Iranian embassy diplomat Tal Yehoshua on 13th of February, 2012.

Kazmi is arrested on the grounds of helping the terrorist about information on whereabouts of the diplomat specifically his time of arrival and departure. Various searches were being carried out by police to find him, which include raids at his home near Delhi as well.

The Police department has refrained from making any official statement about the arrest so far. The Commissioner of Delhi BK Gupta only responded to the queries of the press as “we will let you know”.

The attack on the diplomat’s car was first of its type in India as the police remarked that they had not witnessed anything like this being used in terrorism activities taking place in India before. The attack injured the wife of the diplomat and the driver as well, taking the count of the injured by the incident to four.

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