Violence engulfs GB, 6 dead 40 injured

6 were pronounced dead and more than 40 have been declared injured when gunmen opened fire on a rally taking place in Gilgit-Baltistan on Tuesday.

The government had imposed curfew in GB after days of violence between two sectarian groups, the Shias and the Sunnis. However, an unauthorized rally taking place on Tuesday made the situation worse when unknown gunmen opened fire on the protestors who were taking out a rally to protest on the arrest of one of their leaders on the alleged involvement in the February sectarian act in Gilgit which ended up in 18 lives being taken away.

One of the senior police officers reported, “The unknown gunmen opened fire on a group of Sunnis while they were appealing to people to shut their shops in response to the strike call.” He also mentioned that investigations are in process regarding the use of hand grenade and nothing can be said for sure until a formal report is derived. However, on the other hand, a local informant who did not wish to be named informed that the death toll was 6 with more than 40 individuals in hospital due to injuries and confirmed that a hand grenade was used for sure.

Various international human rights organizations have critically targeted the government of Pakistan in failing to maintain peace and harmony in the region which is resulting in such a high death toll.

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