Yahaya proposes upgrading federal departments and agencies

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

The State Federal Secretary Datuk Md Yahaya Basimin expressed on Tuesday that there are a number of agencies and federal departments in Sarawak which require to be upgraded in respect to the current needs of the government other than those which have depleted.

Speaking further on the matter, he refrained from commenting exactly which departments and agencies he was referring to but made his point clear that some departments need more posts and therefore human resources and some need to upgrade the current status of some positions. He also mentioned that the upgrading process will allow the government to make appropriate decisions and ensure that the departments work to the maximum capacity of their other than being under-utilized. The evaluation and upgrading plan will allow these agencies and departments to work efficiently and assist the government in implementation of various government projects which are awaiting implementation.

Yahaya expressed his opinion on the matter at the meeting of federal departments and agencies being carried out at Bangunan Sultan Iskandar. He said, “Some departments require re-evaluation of its existence. With changing times, these departments should be strengthened further by looking at the grades and other posts”.

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