Priyanka Accuses Varun For Betrayal To Family

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra this Tuesday attacked her cousin Varun Gandhi again, saying that the Lok Sabha elections are “an ideological war” and that his actions indicate towards “betrayal” of the family. This war of words took place early this morning when Varun filed his nomination from the Sultanpur constituency. Varun took his revenge and blamed Priyanka for “crossing limits of decency” and adding that by degrading him, she cannot increase her popularity amongst the masses.

“This is not a family tea party. It is an ideological war. I believe anybody, no matter how close they are, own blood relations … if they are going to be on that side of the ideological divide. He had expressed his views in the last elections and I do not agree with them at all. I strongly disagree with them. It is a betrayal of my family. My father died for the unity of this country. I cannot disregard it for anybody even if it is my own child,” Priyanka told reporters in Amethi .while campaigning for Rahul Gandhi. Without naming anyone, she was referring to the controversy Varun had created in the last eletion while addressing masses in the Pilibhit constituency.

Priyanka has certainly not forgotten what happened last year as a few days earlier she complained that her cousin had gone “astray” and needs to be shown the right path. Varun also gave back in same measure to Priyanka suggesting that she crossed the “lakshman rekha of decency” and noted that his “decency and large-heartedness” should not be construed as a weakness by anyone. The 34-year-old BJP leader, Varun Gandhi, states that his “decency and large-heartedness” should not be construed as a weakness by anyone.

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