Newman announces to increase police force and their facilities

The leader of Labor National Party (LPN) Campbell Newman announces increasing the number of frontline police officers to another 1100 and also offered an additional helicopter to the department for better facilities which will eventually lead to a safer and secure society.

Newman made the announcement at the South Port in Gold Coast where he further informed that the policy will cost the party $275 million and hence the party will declare its funding source towards the later stages of their election campaign.

His policy aims at hiring another 1100 policemen for the state of Queensland over 4 years. The hiring will start with an initial batch of 300 being hired in the coming financial year and the remaining over the years. Amongst the initially hired members, about 100 have been planned to be appointed to the Logan and Gold Coast regions where the increasing number of robberies and crime has seriously concerned the businessmen and the residents.

Giving further details on his new law and order policy, he said that about 200 policemen working at the front office desks will also be sent to the frontline force with shifting a total of 50 each year. He said that these are trained officers working on the desk whereas their abilities and capabilities are above a desk manager. Therefore, they will be adjusted in the frontline force and new hires will take over as desk operators.

The proposed plan will increase the police force of Queensland to 10% since the number of policemen already employed in the state are 11,000.

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