Teenager dies in fire despite rescue attempts

A teenage son died in a house fire in Melbourne on Wednesday despite desperate attempts made by the father to save him. He did his best to pull him out of the window but flames and the heat of the fire won, neighbours say.

Mr. Wayne Cooke informed the media that he woke up in the middle of the night because of the voices of the attempts made by the father to save his son through the window of his room, which was on fire. Cooke, the neighbour, further informed that unfortunately the father had to let go the son due to raising flames and heat which became unbearable.

His exact words were, “But he had to let his hand go because the fire got too intense”.

Rescue and Investigation teams reached the house on fire in Melbourne, Melton South. According to various eyewitnesses, the fire broke out around 1am which trapped the 18-year-old son in his room, whereas the father and another son aging 13 got out of the house in time.

Neighbours informed the police that the father fought for the life of his son bravely but it is sad that he could not succeed.

Danielle Beach, another neighbour present at the scene said, “He said he had to let go of [his son’s] hand because the heat was just too much. He couldn’t save him and he’s got to live with that.”

Police have raised concerns over the fire and reported it suspicious. Detailed investigation report is yet to be released.

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