Ukraine attacks a Russian arsenal in Kherson


This article was last updated on July 12, 2022

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Ukraine attacks a Russian arsenal in Kherson.

In the Kherson region of southern Ukraine, Ukraine claimed to have destroyed a Russian weapons stockpile last night. According to the Ukrainian army, 52 Russians were reportedly killed in the rocket attack at Nova Kachovka. It is also claimed that military vehicles were destroyed.

According to a pro-Russian official, the Ukrainians used a mobile M142 Himars missile system to launch the attack. The missiles in that system will have a maximum range of around 80 kilometres.

According to the official, both civilian infrastructure and civilians were attacked. There were reportedly seven fatalities and roughly 60 injuries. He claims that there are still individuals buried beneath the debris. Large explosions would have resulted from hitting saltpetre storage warehouses.

In the southern territory controlled by Russia, the Ukrainian army is getting ready for a significant counteroffensive. Last Monday, Deputy Prime Minister Vereshchuk urged women and children to leave the provinces of Kherson and Zaporizhzhya. People may avoid becoming “human shields” in this way, she told the national television station.

According to Ukrainian Defense Minister Reznikov, Ukraine is preparing a one-million-person force for the assault, according to the British daily The Times on Sunday. The troops must retake the southern territory armed with strong western weapons.

Reznikov told the newspaper, “We have about 700,000 soldiers, and if you add the National Guard, the police, and the Border Guard, we have about a million men.”

According to Reznikov, Ukraine wants to reclaim the coastal regions that have been taken and are crucial to the national economy. “Politicians clearly view it as urgent.” The highest military commander has been ordered by the president to develop strategies. “

Reznikov emphasised that the pace of foreign arms transfers is excessively slow. For our warriors to be saved, we urgently need more. We risk losing 100 soldiers daily while waiting for howitzers. “

“The mention of a significant offensive in the south of Ukraine serves a number of objectives.” First and foremost, we must demonstrate to the populace that there is hope and that the mobilisation is working. It is also meant for Russia, which might have to move its troops out of the Donbas and into the south to stop the advance into the Donbas.

Additionally, Ukrainian militancy sends the West a message to keep up its military aid. This support is vitally needed given the importance of time in the conflict in Ukraine.

Putin would see a frozen conflict as proof that aggression pays off and that Russia can still try to take over Kiev in a few years. Because of this, Eastern European countries and NATO are eager to help.

By putting up a fierce fight in the Donbas, Ukraine has bought time for the conflict in Kherson, which is far more significant economically. Western artillery, ammo, and Himars systems all came into play throughout that period.

With this, Ukraine may strike out at Russia and cause serious harm from a distance. There is a chance that the Russians will be forced back if Ukraine is able to combat the Russian air supremacy there.

It is obvious that the wear and tear on the Russians is severe. In addition to sending troops stationed on the Finnish-Russian border to the front, prisons release combat-experienced inmates. Additionally, outdated Cold War technology is still in use.

While NATO and Eastern European support is currently flourishing, maintaining such support will depend on Ukraine’s relative short-term success. Germany and Italy, for instance, are extremely concerned about their reliance on Russian energy and the serious economic repercussions should Russia decide to shut off the gas entirely. “

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