Olympian Gaby Schloesser getting ready for World Games

Gaby Schloesser

This article was last updated on July 12, 2022

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At the World Games, Olympian Gaby Schloesser must shoot in the woods the traditional way.

People who don’t know any better might assume that some hunters enter the forest after the hunt by descending the slope. With their (recurve) bows in hand and their arrows fastened to their belts, four women proceed along the forest trail one after the other. At Avondale Park in Birmingham, Alabama, the work is finished.

The only thing lacking is an animal to serve as prey for them. The central, yellow portion of the blazons that were scattered throughout the woods became the woman’s objective rather than an animal. A shooting range was constructed for the World Games.

The Dutch archer, Gaby Schloesser, is one of the women emerging from the woods. She competes in the field recurve (also known as field shooting) at the multisport competition in the United States.

Her spouse, Mike Schloesser, who has more background in the field, is her coach in the United States. “Typically, Gaby uses a recurve bow and shoots at a target from a distance of 70 meters.” She must now enter the woods to take shots at various ranges. Additionally, occasionally slightly down, up, or obliquely.

For non-Olympic sports and events, the World Games are comparable to the Olympics. They also happen every four years, much like the Games. The International Association of World Games (IWGA), with assistance from the International Olympic Committee, organised the competition for the first time in 1981. (IOC).

At the World Games, field recurve is more about passing, measuring, and learning the range to the target. It’s truly a whole different expertise, but learning this, said Gaby Schloesser, “is incredibly exciting to me.”

Schloesser came in seventh position in the qualifying round and was eliminated the next day from the semi-finals. In the quarterfinals, where the Indian Abhishek Verma proved to be more knowledgeable, Mike Schloesser was also left behind.

Real hunting is evocative of field recurves. It is still legal to shoot your own flesh. practised by many Americans. They go out, for instance, in the Alabaman woodlands. Some families don’t agree on whether it’s better to use a gun or a bow and arrow to kill an animal.

According to Mike Schloesser, 40 million bows are sold annually throughout the world, mostly in the United States. “Our tradition has made the sport quite popular in this country.” Every weekend, you can participate in a shooting competition here. “

The World Games being held in the best hunting nation is therefore unique. “Our sport is currently receiving a lot of media and public attention. That’s beneficial for archery. “

The Vegas Shoot Out, dubbed the Wimbledon of archery and won twice by Schloesser, is the biggest tournament held anywhere in the world. “There are between 4,000 and 5,000 participants in that. “Comparing that to the 25 shooters lined up here at the World Games is a little bit different.”

Mike and Gaby Schloesser lead an active lifestyle. According to the professional division of archery, he is a compound archer. She is the Olympic component, with the recurve bow. Exercise regularly and travel frequently. The pair spend more than 200 days away from home each year. Additionally, they practise in their 100-meter yard when they are at home.

“There were a lot of disagreements between us at first. It was challenging for us to keep married life apart from our archery lives. When you make a poor shot in practise, you bring it home to the table, but now we know why. We make an effort to keep as little archery gear at home and avoid discussing the game or the practice. “

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