Election Campaigns Enter Bitter Phase over Trident, Putin Comments

The campaigns for upcoming general election of the UK have entered into a bitter stage after one senior Tory member, the skills minister Nick Boles, alleged that Russian President Vladimir Putin would prefer to have Ed Miliband win the election and another, the Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, speculated that Miliband would “stab the United Kingdom in the back” by abandoning the Trident nuclear weapons system.

In his remarks, Nick Boles alleged that the Russian president favor Mr Miliband simply because of his opposition to air strikes on Syria and because he would be forced into a deal with the Scottish National Party. Whereas, Fallon accused Mr Miliband of having “lust for power” and alleged that it would make him betray Britain’s defences just as he “stabbed his own brother in the back to become Labour leader.” In response to the blunt remarks by David Cameron’s Conservatives, Mr Miliband alleged that Mr Fallon had “demeaned himself and demeaned his office,” adding that Mr Cameron needs to “get a grip” of a “gutter” campaign based on “deceit and lies.”

Mr Miliband alleged that “the Conservative Party can throw what they like at me, but I’m going to concentrate on the issues that matter to the British people – how we keep our country safe, how we invest in education, how we tackle tax avoidance, how we make this country work for working people.” He stated that “I’ve got to say, I think the British people deserve better than what the Conservative Party are offering in this campaign, which is a campaign based on deceit and lies.”

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