Cameron Responds to Rupert Murdoch, Other Donor Critics

UK Prime Minister David Cameron responded to claims made by several donors who accused him of being lackluster, especially Rupert Murdoch who warned that he could soon be facing the chop. In his reply, Cameron stated that “if you want political excitement, go to Greece. If you want more showbiz in this election, go to Hollywood.” He alleged that “here and now in the UK I’m focused on something real. A stronger economy – something that excites millions more: more jobs, more homes, more business, more childcare, more security in retirement.”

Addressing the audience at a rally in Yeovil, Somerset, Cameron announced that his election campaign will now be even more concentrate on the economy than before. He stressed that “I make no apologies for focusing hard on that which is central to everything,” adding that “when you get a new job, a new home, get a new childcare place or start a new business – now that’s truly exiting. And you only get these things with a strong and stable government – not one held to ransom. That’s not the excitement Britain needs. That’s not a risk Britain should take.”

Furthermore, Cameron added that “what makes his heart beat faster” is seeing someone on welfare getting a job and young people being able to buy their first home. He stated that “we don’t always wear our passion on our sleeves… but it’s all about giving more people a good life. It’s all meaningless, it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans without a strong economy.”

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