Cameron to Highlight Fighting Corruption Internationally at G7 Summit

Reports claim that UK Prime Minister David Cameron will call for greater international action against corruption at the G7 summit this week in light of the recent Fifa bribery scandal. In a report published by The Guardian, it was highlighted that Cameron will allege that “in the last fortnight we have seen the stark truth about Fifa. The body governing football has faced appalling allegations that suggests it is absolutely riddled with corruption. And Blatter’s resignation this week presents an opportunity to clean up the game we love. It is also an opportunity to learn a broader lesson about tackling corruption.”

Relating the Fifa corruption scandal to international politics, Cameron will say that “just as with Fifa, we know the problem is there, but there is something of an international taboo over pointing the finger and stirring up concerns.” Cameron is expected to make the bold statement soon after the resignation of recently re-elected Fifa president, Sepp Blatter. The resignation of 17-year president, Blatter, has also concluded FBI’s investigation into corruption across the organisation.

The prime minister will reportedly point out at the G7 summit that world leaders themselves “don’t talk enough about corruption” and it has to be “brave” in tackling it. He will say that “corruption is the cancer at the heart of so many of the problems we face around the world today. It doesn’t just threaten our prosperity, it also undermines our security,” adding that “football is beginning a long journey to rid itself of corruption and it will take time, courage and determination to see through the reforms that Fifa needs. I believe world leaders must show the same courage and determination to tackle corruption around the globe.”

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