Cameron Says EU Talks Going UK’s Way

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has optimistically started off a crucial weekend of negotiations over Britain’s future in Europe. Cameron emphasized on the European commission to provide better concessions on his reform agenda in order for him to limit a backbench revolt and increase the chances of winning the EU referendum.

The Prime Minister met with the president of the European commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, in Brussels. He revealed that the negotiations over a new deal for the UK in the EU were going Britain’s way, but not far and fast enough. He stated that “there’s no deal done but we have made progress. There’s still a long way to go.” It was highlighted that the negotiations are focused on new proposals from Brussels aimed at bridging the gap between the two sides as Cameron asks for ability to stop new EU migrants to Britain from claiming in-work benefits for four years. Even though the rest of Europe has rejected the idea as illegal and discriminatory, Brussels has proposed that Cameron could obtain several of his demands in an “emergency”.

Cameron mentioned in his remarks that “one instance of progress is that for a long time I’ve said we have got to have a system where you don’t get benefits out of the system until you pay into our system. We want to end the idea of something for nothing. People said that was impossible. There’s now a proposal on the table. It’s not good enough, it needs more work, but we are making progress.”

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