Brian Topp jumps into the NDP leadership race

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

The president of NDP, Brian Topp jumps into the elections to take Jack Layton’s seat. Topp recently came forward at a news conference in Ottawa before NDP caucus gathering in Quebec City. After his announcement, it seems like Topp’s potency and extensive backing in NDP conclave might actually lead him somewhere.

Moreover, Topp’s decision also proves that not all of the NDP’s Quebec MPs will sustain the ultimate headship bid of NDP House Leader Thomas Mulcair. Brian Topp was a close collaborator of Layton until the previous leader died in August. Topp was brought up in Quebec.

Topp said: "I know that New Democrats can deliver a successful NDP government in both official languages and in every part of the country. A fiscally responsible and economically literate government that offers Canadians hope for a better future…"

This week in Ottawa, Broadbent said: "He’s (Topp) a listener and a team player and he knows how to get things done. He will be a great leader of our party."

Whereas, Ms. Boivin highlighted added, "He understands Canada and he understands Quebec. That’s key to building our party and winning the next election."

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