Obama Signs Executive Order For Cyber Security

Following the extensive release of high security documents, the White House has set new standards pertaining to cyber security. This step has been taken to safeguard steps to secure the official documents for unauthorized release and publication.

The President had signed an executive order as a result of an extensive seven month review by the Obama administration. A major weakness that came to the fore after the September attack was an improper balance between security and the need for agencies to share classified information.

“Our nation’s security requires classified information to be shared immediately with authorized users around the world but also requires sophisticated and vigilant means to ensure it is shared securely,” Obama’s order says.

According to the orders issued, a special committee will be created coordinate information sharing and to ensure that agencies that use classified computer networks protect information.  A senior official will oversee classified information and he will be responsible for it. CIA, Pentagon and other governmental organizations have taken steps to prevent misuse of top security information by limiting the availability of information to general public.

The order instructs Attorney General Eric Holder and the U.S. director of national intelligence, James Clapper, to establish an “Insider Threat Task Force” to find ways to deter and detect security breaches.

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