Pilot dies in Vancouver plane crash, 10 critically injured

An airplane crashed at the Vancouver International Airport Thursday – pilot reported dead, 10 injured. RCMP told the media that plane’s co-pilot has serious injuries.

Survivors of the plane crash said they are indebted to the bystanders who quickly pulled them from the debris. All the injured people were swiftly shifted to the hospital after the Beechcraft King Air 100 struck down on Russ Baker Way in Richmond, colliding with a car before bursting into flames.

Bev Rushworth’s daughter Lorelei Sobolik and son-in-law Cameron of New Westminster were among those who survived.

Rushworth said: “I was with them all evening. They both have back injuries, broken bones in their back. Cam will be operated on today, early this morning. My daughter, even though she was in a great deal of pain, she was so thankful to some of the people who helped them get out of the plane wreck.”

City of Richmond spokesman Ted Townsend thanked the people who helped the injured passengers and took them to the hospital.

Townsend said: “We’re very appreciative of the people that came to the aid of passengers… it made a big difference and it’s a miracle that this wasn’t a much worse tragedy.”

According to the Vancouver Airport Authority, the plane went into emergency mode at 4:12 p.m. The company has 11 aircraft and 70 employees.

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