Occupy Canada comes to an end – no more camps in Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto

Occupy demonstration that started almost six weeks ago came to a halt in a single morning when authorities took charge and emptied Canada’s Occupy camps.

Following the trend in Vancouver and Toronto, a widespread camp in Montreal and the one in Edmonton were cleaned out Friday morning.

In Montreal, a number of protesters panicked by the upcoming eviction gathered their belongings earlier this week and others left after the mayor’s orders. Sixteen people were arrested briefly by Montreal police during a quiet demonstration. Several had barricaded themselves inside the camp’s kitchen tent, refusing to leave.

In Edmonton, three activists were arrested for trespassing as police advanced to clear the camps at a downtown city park owned by the Melcor development firm. Officers gathered at the Jasper Avenue site early at 4 a.m. to put into effect an eviction notice.

Occupier Bill Thomas was among the three men arrested at the park.

He said: “I told them that I refused to leave. I was then taken out of the tent and read my rights by an officer, then read a statement by a Melcor rep about trespassing on property. I was then put in handcuffs and led to a van where I was left for 20 minutes.”

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  1. You guys new to get it right. The camps and tents came to an end. Th Occupy movement is still strong and will not stop until the governments kick the corporations and banks out of their/our pockets.

  2. 1. you neglected to mention halifax, ottawa, london, victoria and other occupy camps which have been evicted in recent days and weeks.
    2. occupy kingston is still standing strong in confederation basin

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