Tory senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu shows resistance against death penalty

Conservative Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu openly shows resistance against the death penalty. On Wednesday, Boisvenu clarified that he is not opposing the conviction of murderers who plot their own death.

He said: “No, I’m not in favour of the death penalty, I think people need to be given a chance. But other cases should be reconsidered.

“Basically I think that every murderer should have a rope in his cell and he can decide on his own life. But I’m against the death penalty.”

Boisvenu gave the statement while he was attending an impromptu press conference in Ottawa. Later, he realized that his statements were overstretched and also confessed it on television. He said he apprehended that he shouldn’t have made the comments in public.

Talking about the Shafia honour-killing case, Boisvenu suggested that the accused three people should be returned to their native Afghanistan. He said: “As a society, I think that is something we should discuss.”

Mohammad Shafia, his wife Tooba Yahya and their son Hamed were convicted on Sunday of killing four female family members.

Although Boisvenu reiterated that he is against the death penalty, he still somehow sparked reaction on Parliament Hill.

Interim NDP Leader Nycole Turmel said: “I just hope that it’s not the feeling or sentiment of all the Conservative senators we have in the House. I believe Mr. Harper should have a good discussion with the senator.”

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  1. Given the propaganda that could choke a seal these days, i wonder why this wasn’t spun with the “toxic sugar” story that is sliming its way through the social psyche… Instead of ropes, we should gives these convicted killers unrestricted free access to the white stuff, that is, sugar. Given the propaganda, these lost souls will die protracted and painful, entirely avocomment_IDable deaths… seems like good enough punishment, if you’re a propaganda cow, chewing on your propaganda cud.

    What is ACTUALLY happening is a series of unannounced and clandestine public polls most of which are probably commissioned in boiler rooms by our leaders-that-ought-to-actually-be. I’m sorry for your loss Boisvenu, truly sad… however, when a professional such as him can’t separate
    emotion from logic and work from home, i question his fitness to do his job, irregardless of apologies or cognizance of his mistake. He is emotionally compromised and lacks the integrity (no fault of his own) to carry out the requirements of his position and he should be relieved of his duty and replaced by someone with integrity intact.

    To Harper and our other leaders-asleep-on-the-pot, DO YOUR JOBS AS PROFESSIONALS, NOT SCOUNDRELS. If you want to know how Canadians feel ask us, don’t manipulate us and marginalize us. A time is FAST APPROACHING where Canadians will unite and tell their ‘leaders’ the quality of life and ethical standards in this country will not fall any lower, will not sink to new depths. We will collectively draw a line in the sand, and we will expect our leadership to listen…. OR…. we will rewrite THEIR laws to incarcerate THEM.

    LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE; don’t manipulate and hurt, or your actions will come home to roost.

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