Ann Coulter wants Canadian Muslims to take a camel

American right-wing antagonist Ann Coulter was in fine form as she spoke to about 800 people at the University of Western Ontario last night.

Coulter drew applause when she attacked the health-care overhaul bill U-S President Barack Obama is to sign into law today.

But the regular Fox News commentator drew outrage from some, including a 17-year-old Muslim student who asked her a question about her views on Muslims.

Coulter has said all terrorists are Muslims and has suggested all Muslims be banned from airlines and use flying carpets.

When the student said she didn’t have flying carpet, Coulter told her to “take a camel.”

Like a friend of mine once said "Once a Bit…ch, always a Bit… ch"

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  1. This woman is the most rcomment_IDiculous person I ever heard. Her own republican party discriminates against women’s rights. Who made her the authority? She is not a fab speaker nor a great writer. She likely has friends who publish her books as a favour, otherwise she is nothing to talk about. Sorry, we Canadians are more proud of our civil justice and doing right by everyone. Thank God we are on this scomment_IDe of the boarder and she is not. Hope she stays out!

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