Alberta Minivan Crashes in Classroom Full of Students

This Thursday morning a bizarre accident took place as a mini-van dozed into a classroom while students were busy studying at a school in St. Paul, Alta. Three of the students were critically injured, while five faced mild bruises. The spokesperson for St. Therese Healthcare Centre in St. Paul, Kerry Williamson, informed the media that three of the critically injured victims were airlifted by an ambulance to Edmonton, while the remaining five were shifted via road.

Mr. Williamson also revealed that three of the less badly hurt victims are released from the hospital. According to RCMP, the driver of the Mini Van inexplicably veered of the road and hit the wall hard enough to go into the Racette Junior High School classroom, i.e. temporarily housed in the old Glen Avon School building.  The police report shows that one of the victims was brutally pinned under the vehicle, whereas the driver of the minivan was arrested.

A witness at the scene, Robin Tremblay, said “I know there is a vehicle inside the school right now,” implying that the vehicle has completely gotten into the Grade 6 French classroom but is not visible from outside. She stated that “I just see broken windows. It’s wide open, it’s definitely wide open. People running in and out, like firefighters and police officers.”

 Tremblay’s friend was in the classroom above the accident scene, and she reported that “she’s really stressed and scared. She’s been texting her mom telling her she’s OK. She said it sounded like an earthquake.”

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