TSX Traders Halt Activity Awaiting Results of U.S. Election


This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The Toronto Stock Exchange has changed very little as half of Tuesday passes away with weaker financial and healthcare stocks counterbalance with rising material shares, as majority investors carefully wait for the results of one of the closest U.S. presidential elections ever.

Both candidates of U.S. presidency have had a long and bitter campaign, and finally the Americans are using their rights today and casting votes for deciding their future. It is in the hands of U.S. citizens only whether to give another chance to the Democratic President, Barack Obama, or bring his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney to power.

The president of Graham Investment Strategy, Gavin Graham, shared his opinion that “It looks to be too close to call and if it is as tight as it appears to be, then we won’t know the answer this evening anyway.” He explained “so why would you want to be aggressive and take positions because you literally do not know what will come out the other end of it?”

The president of Maison Placements Canada, John Ing,, stated that whoever is elected will be facing a very huge deal of fiscal tremors that are awaiting the U.S. government,. Ing mentioned that “I think either gentleman faces very difficult problems and needs to show leadership. Right now the Street is pretty cautious.” He pointed out that “this is going to be a nothing day” as “the consensus is whether it is Romney or Obama, both would be negative for the market.”

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