Courts Continue Hearing Robocalls Case on Friday

A court will today be hearing of the ongoing challenge against the results of last federal elections in six different ridings today, where Tories attempt to have the case closed in time. A lawyer representing the Conservative party mentioned on Thursday, that the chance of results of the election being overturned is exceedingly high. In case that not happens, Arthur Hamilton stated, the Canadian courts will be flooded with legal challenges after future contests.

The hearing will have to determine whether the incident of misleading robocalls had a direct of effect on the results in those ridings. He pointed out that casting a ballot is an extremely public activity and it is very unlikely that someone unable to vote would have kept silent. Hamilton stated that “nobody should have difficulty coming and very publicly saying ‘I wanted to vote and I was stopped from voting.’” He added that “because that’s the type of evidence that’s being sought if somebody wants to overturn any of these six election results, it should be not at all difficult to find those people.”

Hamilton further strengthened his case, by alleging that “there is a fundamental disrespect right now for the intuitiveness of the Canadian voter.” He claims that “the Canadian electorate is very intuitive and they are very careful. They take their franchise seriously and that is why, happily, some of these ham-fisted attempts at suppression don’t work.” He added that “I think we can have ultimate faith in the electorate that those that wish to exercise their franchise will come forward and do so, even those that get frustrated and dissuaded to another part of town.”

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