Psycho Killer of His 3 Children Requests to Move at Manitoba Psych Facility

During a B.C. Review Board panel meeting on Friday, Allan Schoenborn, an established killer of his three children, but admittedly not a criminally, as he was mentally instable at the time in 2008, asserted that both his mother and other family members live in Manitoba. Schoenborn formally requested the panel to allow him to shift, while agreeing to stay in psychiatric custody, from British Columbia to a similar facility in Manitoba.

On the contrary, the relatives of the Schoenborn’s unlucky former partner, Darcie Clarke, i.e. the mother of his children, opposed the request at the hearing, claiming that their family members live in the area surrounding Selkirk, Man. Whereas, Schoenborn’s lawyer reiterated several times during the hearing that moving to the facility near Winnipeg will actually aid in allowing Schoenborn to reintegrate into society. Schoenborn presented his case, saying that “my family is in Winnipeg, I was born and raised in Winnipeg, it’s the right place to be.”

Schoenborn explained that he has seen his mother several times while in Port Coquitlam B.C., which he believes was an extremely supportive event, so he wants to be allowed to move near her at Selkirk psychiatric facility. He added that “she was very kind in her visits and very attentive to me so I would like that to continue in Winnipeg” and that “she loves me and I love her.” Whereas, addressing the family members of his former partner, he mentioned that “I feel sorry for Mrs. Schoenborn, Allan’s mother.”

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