Mississauga Mayor Claims Being Unaware of Son’s Part-Ownership

The Mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion, has testified in court this morning asserting that she was unaware that her son was a part-owner of a company which intended to build a hotel-convention centre in downtown Mississauga and hence could not have possibly declared a conflict of interest.

92-years-old Ms. McCallion has been accused of having a conflict of interest when she voted in Peel regional council on several modifications to a development by-law, which in return saved an estimated $11-million in development fees to a company partly owned by her son, Peter McCallion. The amended by-law established new, higher development fees in the Region of Peel, while currently allowing the previous, lower fees to be applied to projects that were already in the pipeline. Ms. McCallion’s lawyer, Liz McIntyre, established through questioning the mayor, that she did not fail to declare a conflict at Peel council because she was unaware of the provisions of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, in fact, it was because she did not have any knowledge that her son was benefiting from her vote in council.

Ms. McCallion informed the court she was under the impression that her son’s association with World Class Developments, the firm which proposed a downtown hotel-convention centre, was only limited to that of real estate agent. She declared that she had no knowledge of him owning shares in the company and that she was always told that her son’s friend, Leo Couprie, owned 100 per cent of the shares of the company.

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