Ford’s Executive Committee Discussing Potential Casino

Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford is intensifying the pressure on unsure city councillors while his 13-member executive committee convenes to debate the merits of a multibillion dollar resort and casino complex being proposed for the downtown core.

Ford was spotted at a rally arranged by pro-casino labour leaders on Monday morning, where he pressed on his supporters to call their councillor and demand their decision on whether they would support a casino. He stated that “we have to get this done folks. Call your councillors and say I need an answer. The waffling is over. We know which way our team is going and with all the other councillors it should be a no or a yes.” Ford alleged that “if it is a yes thank them very much and if it is a no than I guess that becomes an election issue and there is an election in October, 2014.”

Ford recently began publically supporting the proposed casino, highlighting the fact that such a facility will generate more jobs and push in an additional $148 million in annual revenue into city coffers. According to a report published last week, out of total 45 councilors, only six other have publicly supported the proposal, while 22 plan to vote no and another 16 remain undecided. Ford mentioned on Monday, that “this is our first step in getting this casino here and getting the good paying jobs that I have been harping on since day one.” He alleged that “we are talking about 10,000 permanent jobs and 7,000 good paying construction jobs that the unions need.”

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