Conservative Backbencher MPs Continue Rallying for Abortion Debate

Conservative backbenchers have once against restarted pressuring the government to reopen the abortion debate, regardless of straight-forward public assurance of Prime Minister, Stephen Harper that the issue is settled and will not be discussed anymore. Mentoring a large rally at Parliament Hill on Thursday, more than 20 Conservative MPs and senators expressed their anti-abortion views.

Leading the group of MPs was, MP Mark Warawa, who inspired other backbenchers to speak openly against them being silenced by the Prime Minister’s Office. Thursday’s rally depicted even more falling outs within the party, as one of the MPs who spoke, Rob Anders, made a clear statement. He mentioned that “the men behind me have taken strong stands and have made enemies for doing so.” He urged protesters to vote in riding nomination races to ensure anti-abortion Conservatives remain candidates. Later Mr. Anders alleged that “I think the more pro-life MPs, the better.” On the other hand, Warawa stated that “female gendercide is the systematic killing of women and girls, just because they’re girls.” He alleged that “the UN says that over two hundred million girls are missing in the world right now because of the female genocide.”

The abortion issue has indeed left Mr. Harper with an impeding problem. Upon inquiry, a spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office, Carl Vallée, mentioned in an e-mail that “Canadians are free and welcome to express their beliefs on Parliament Hill. That said, the Prime Minister has been clear that we will not be reopening the debate.”

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