NDP: Time has come to scrap OLG privatisation scheme

Today in question period, Essex MPP Taras Natyshak called on Premier Wynne to halt the government’s plan to restructure and privatise the OLG, saying the plan was “in chaos.”

“You’ve fired the president and CEO of the OLG, Paul Godfrey, and the entire board of directors has subsequently resigned, yet you say that it’s full steam ahead on this wrong-headed privatisation scheme,” said Natyshak to Wynne.

“It’s time for this government to admit that it has a gambling problem,” said Natyshak. “It’s addicted to the revenues that it thinks will pour in from privatising the OLG.”

Natyshak says the government has overestimated the projected revenues from the scheme, and is unlikely to ever reap any real financial windfall.

“Will the government admit that its OLG privatization strategy is a total mess and scrap the misguided plan once and for all?” asked Natyshak.

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  1. The OLG has attempted to enter into privatization business models in the past with no success. The bingo (charitable gaming) division has been working in the red under a privatized business model since 2005. The model suggested for gaming is exactly the same, and the costs associated with launching this model far exceed that of bingo. It seems the focus in the media has been around gaming but perhaps we need to look deeper at the OLG’s less knows divisions to see how Ontario is being set up for failure.

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