B.C. Officially Sides against the Proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

It was disclosed in an official submission of the B.C. government to the Northern Gateway Pipeline Joint Review Panel, that the province has decided to reject the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, asserting that the company has failed to adequately address the province’s environmental concerns. It was mentioned in the submission that “(Enbridge) has asserted that it will have world-class spill response capability that will be able to respond effectively to any spill.” It added that “however, the province submits that NG has not yet shown that it will be able to live up to these commitments.”

The submission has turned out to be a key hurdle for the multi-billion dollar project, and for its ability to gain approval of the Joint Review Panel. In the submission, it was added that “the province remains deeply concerned that any response to a significant spill, were it to occur, would be limited in its effect, and that serious impacts to on the marine environment, and the livelihoods of those who rely on it, would result.”

Meanwhile, the Environment Minster, Terry Lake, elucidated that the submission was made after minutely studying the project proposal. He stated that “British Columbia thoroughly reviewed all of the evidence and submissions made to the panel and asked substantive questions about the project including its route, spill response capacity and financial structure to handle any incidents.” Lake added that “our questions were not satisfactorily answered during these hearings,” and so “our government does not believe that a certificate should be granted before these important questions are answered.”

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