Quebec Premier Supports Quebec Soccer Federation’s Turban Decision

Premier Pauline Marois has straight forwardly stated that the decision of The Canadian Soccer Federation to suspend the Quebec federation is “unacceptable,” alleging that “I think the Quebec federation has the right to establish it’s own regulations.” Marois mentioned that Quebec Soccer Federation ” is not subject (to the Canadian federation), it is autonomous, not subject to the Canadian Federation and in this regard I support it in its orientations.”

The issue of provincial autonomy was raised on Tuesday, when Quebec criticized the decision of Canadian federation to suspend the Quebec federation for “their non-compliance to the directive” regarding the allowance of wearing turban in the game. Apart from the Premier, two more PQ ministers piled on to the stance after her. The minister responsible for sport, Marie Malavoy, stated that “I find the position of the Canadian federation is deplorable.” It was added that “I will be present at the Canada Games in Sherbrooke soon and I know there are youths who dream of going and I really want the Canadian association leaves us alone and let us take our decisions because youth will suffer in the short term.”

The Quebec minister responsible for secular issues, Bernard Drainville, also mentioned that “we start from the principle that the Quebec Soccer Federation is allowed to decide what happens on soccer pitches.” He added that “the Quebec federation has the power, has the right to decide what happens on Quebec’s soccer fields and I don’t understand why the Canadian federation does not respect the autonomy of the Quebec federation.”

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