Time Off Allowed to Driver of TTC Streetcar Yatim Boarded

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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A veteran Toronto Transit Commission operator revealed that the driver of Toronto streetcar boarded by the 18-year-old Sammy Yatim, who was controversially shot to death by police, is likely going to take some time off to recover from such a “disturbing” incident. Marvin Alfred, who is working as a TTC bus driver since past 12 years, stated that “when something like this happens to you it does stay with you. It does affect you to a degree and it usually takes some time in order to adjust having dealt and being exposed to something like that.”

Yatim boarded the 505 Landsdowne streetcar on Dundas Street West near Trinity Bellwoods Park at around midnight on Saturday, soon after which he allegedly stood up and started waving a knife at public. A witness informed reporters that Yatim yelled “nobody get off the f–ing streetcar” while people dashed towards the door and left the blistering teenager along with the driver on board.

Meanwhile, it can be seen from a security camera footage recorded from a building outside near where the streetcar stopped that Yatim was alone on the streetcar with another unidentified man, speculated to be the driver. The video illustrates Yatim being seated for almost a minute after which the alleged driver stands up and leaves the streetcar. Later, the video shows, police entering the field of view. Commenting on the said video, Alfred alleged that “the young gentleman seems to be sitting down and have a dialogue that seems somewhat constructive.”

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