SIU Orders Arrest, Murder Charges for Police Officer in Sammy Yatim Shooting

An official press release of the Special Investigations Unit has confirmed that the Toronto police officer at the center stage of Sammy Yatim shooting has been charged with second-degree murder in his death. Police shot and tasered the teenager at an empty TTC car where he brandished a knife in public. SIU, i.e. a provincial agency tasked to investigate civilian deaths involving police officers, confirmed that the an arrest warrant has been issued for Constable James Forcillo, i.e. a six-year veteran of the Toronto Police Force, who was the lone subject of the investigation.

Mr. Yatim suffered nine gun shot at hands of police officers, according to witnesses, who reported him of having brandished a three-inch knife on the westbound Dundas streetcar near Trinity Bellwoods Park. The incident took place at around midnight on July 27, when Mr. Yatim was alone in the streetcar as all the passengers and the driver had fled the vehicle unharmed. According to a video made by some bystander that went viral on the internet, an officer can be heard using a taser even after Mr. Yatim fell to the ground having suffered nine gunshots. However, SIU claims that the officer who deployed the taser was not a subject of the investigation.

A close friend of the Yatim family, Joseph Nazar, reported to have heard the news on Monday morning, and stated that “we’re happy and we’re pleased with the charges being laid,” and “it’s a little comfort for the family, but it’s not going to bring the son back.”

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