Fire Investigators Focus Their Search in St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market Food Court

Investigators delegated by the office of the Ontario Fire Marshal are allegedly zeroing in their efforts on the food court area of the main building at the St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market just north of Waterloo, Ont., which was completely overwhelmed in a massive blaze on early Monday morning. Five investigators were found digging through the remnants of the back of the food court on Tuesday morning. They were often seen employing an excavator to move the rubble, or using hand shovels and a rake to meticulously sort through the debris in some sections.

The officer supervising the investigation, Lonnie Schubert, mentioned in a statement that “the investigation has led us to the southeast corner of the building itself. We’re doing an excavation in there, examining all the fire patterns.” He added that “there’s things like chip vendors, pizza I believe. As you can imagine, ‎there’s a number of electrical appliances We have to look at all those things. Everything is a potential ignition source until we can eliminate it.” He explained that investigators have yet to rule out all possible causes, including foul play.

On the other hand, the owner of the market has announced that its outdoor section will reopen on Thursday morning. Head of the company that owns the building, Marcus Shantz, mentioned during his announcement on Tuesday that “we’re going to have to move some of the outdoor vendors to different locations because [the fencing] takes up a bit of area.”

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