UN Urges Sudan And S. Sudan To Execute Deals On Freedoms

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir left to Khartoum this morning to meet his counter part, Omar Hassan Al Bashir in an effort to sort out recent bitter relations which affect full implementation of the Cooperation Agreements, an AU and UN backed deal.

“On behalf of the humanitarian community, we encourage the Governments of South Sudan and Sudan to implement fully the Agreement on the Status of Nationals of the Other State, signed on 27 September 2012, which provides for the four freedoms of residence, movement, property and economic activity to nationals in each other’s state,” Toby said in a statement released today.

Toby said agencies applaud the setting up of the Joint High Level Committee to oversee the management and decision-making of issues relating to the nationals but “encourage both Governments to scale up efforts to provide nationals of the other state with documentation, including residency and work permits.”

He appealed to the Governments to facilitate the safe and voluntary return for those who wish to return, especially those stranded at the Kosti railway station in Sudan and other extremely vulnerable individuals in the two countries, with due consideration given to the sustainable reintegration of these individuals into communities.

“We also encourage the Governments to lead the return process and appeal to the international donor community to assist this endeavor. We stand ready to continue to support the two Governments in this regard,” said Toby.

Signed in September last year in Addis, Ethiopia, the Cooperation Agreement comprises of nine packages among which others are strategies on how the tow nations can sort out its differences on oil conflicts, border demarcation, Abyei, security and several others.

South Sudan Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Barnaba Marial on Monday said on top of the agenda of the meeting of the two leaders is how to better mechanisms on the implementation of the Cooperation Agreements. 

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