Video Shows Underage Sex Chants during Orientation at Halifax University

Student orientation leaders at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax are being harshly criticized, and are now planned to undergo sensitivity training, after they were recorded on video chanting about non-consensual sex with underage girls. A video recorded during frosh week activities, which was posted on Instagram, showed both male and female student leaders indulging in what a university spokesperson called a “sexist and offensive” chant.

The video shows them saying “SMU boys, we like them young,” while the chants also included the phrases: “Y is for your sister,” “U is for underage,” and “N is for no consent.” The chants were performed by student leaders in front of about 300 first-year-students on Monday. Senior director of student services at SMU, Keith Hotchkiss, stated that “this is a disappointing, discouraging and, quite frankly, an offensive video and we’re, I guess, taken aback.” Meanwhile the president of the university’s student association that organizes frosh week activities, Jared Perry, has also apologized saying that “we’re sorry this went through.” He added that “now we’re looking forward into the future and the chant will never take place again. We’ll be educating our leaders.”

Speaking of the video, several students alleged that it’s a controversy that is threatening to tarnish SMU’s reputation. “That wouldn’t be something to be associated with Saint Mary’s. It’s a good school and I think that’s just pretty foul what’s come out of their mouths,” Kayla Osborn said of the video. Another student, Cory Taylor, alleged that “I don’t want that to be the face of my school.”

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