RCMP Advises to Avoid Cobequid Pass Today

RCMP has warned people residing in the Maritimes to stay cautious while driving in light of snow, wind and rain thought the region’s roads. According to the Police in Nova Scotia, drivers are warned to avoid the Cobequid Pass, i.e. a main highway artery, on Wednesday morning since slippery roads have trapped several vehicles and resulted in a stretch of the road to be closed until further notice.

The RCMP mentioned in a press release that almost five or six tractor-trailers were entrenched in the snow at around 4:30 a.m. in an attempt to get up a hill between Thomson Station and Oxford. A driver, Derek Rowes, revealed that he attempted to drive his tractor-trailer toward the toll pass, when it suddenly had nowhere to turn. Rowes explained that “there’s nobody going eastbound. The last radio report I got from another driver is that he turned at the toll booth and came back, but he must have been sitting there for quite a while because now they’re lined up.”

In an advisory warning, The Department of Transportation has cautioned the empty, high-sided vehicles to take Trunk 4 due to high winds. The problem was caused at the heels of another truck mishap on the same stretch of highway on Tuesday night, when four semi-trailers crashed near exit 7. Consequently, one person got hurt but it has been mostly cleared up. A meteorologist reported that “Atlantic Canada is a real mess today as a powerful low-pressure centre continues to plow across eastern Nova Scotia,” adding that “wind warnings are out across much of Nova Scotia and P.E.I. for gusts easily topping 100 kilometres per hour.”

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