Fantino Says Const. Zivcic’s Funeral ‘Not the Time’ for Politics

In a statement issued by Former Police Chief Julian Fantino, he urged all media outlets and elected representatives not to discredit Monday’s full police funeral with continuously discussing whether who or who should not attend. Fantino stated that “it is not the time” and “I have dealt with these kinds of funerals before. They hurt. People should park the politics and use the day to pay respect to this fallen officer.”

Fantino issued these remarks in response comments made by Councillor Gloria Lindsay Luby on Sunday, who alleged that “given the circumstances it is inappropriate for the mayor (Rob Ford) to attend.” The minister of Veterans affairs mentioned that he doesn’t want to hear any more such commentary. He mentioned that “this is about this officer’s duty” and “this is about this officer’s sacrifice. There are lot of people in his family and on the service who are devastated. This is not the time for politics.”

Fantino, who served as Toronto’s Police Chief from 2000 to 2005, alleged that he would rather have a mayor who would attend a funeral than one that wouldn’t. He remembered that back “in March 1980, John Sewell, the mayor of the day, did not have the decency to attend the funeral of Const. Michael Sweet who was murdered by the Munro brothers during an armed robbery.” He added that “even with all his foibles, which I don’t condone, I have more respect for Ford attending Const. Zivcic’s funeral than I have for Sewell not attending Const. Sweets’.”

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